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Dysmaton - SilverSpook & ChaosNova Game

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1 Dysmaton - SilverSpook & ChaosNova Game on Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:31 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Copied from the development discussion!

Silverspook wrote:

And here's a shiny trailer / teaser thingy for yas!  The Chaos Nova splash is in the production credits at the end! Very Happy

EDIT: You can also now vote for games in that monthly competition!

Silverspook wrote:Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! I'm going to keep a big pile of all of the names as these are going to come in handy for other things (like characters, items, orgs, programs, slang names, etc.).

After a lot of deliberation I've gone ultimately gone with this name:

It's an utterly non-existent (not even in any other languge) word, it's short, it suggests dystopia / dysfunction, stuff going generally wrong or brokenness.  And machines (automaton) being the root cause. Or alternatively, Dysma-ton 'the place of dismalness' (like Charleston, Kingston, Brighton).

And here's the fixed version of the trailer with the correct name in it:

2 Re: Dysmaton - SilverSpook & ChaosNova Game on Wed Aug 09, 2017 6:42 am


Right on man! Wink

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