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Watching Comedians play classics is the most infuriating thing ever...

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Guardian of Chaos
Recently, Channel Dave (Heroes of British TV, Saviour of the universe, future Chaos Nova acquisition) have made a show called 'Dara O'Briens' Go 8-Bit'. They get the usual roster of 'Dave' comedians and set them up with 2 Experts, these two teams then go head to head to score points. The games are different each time.
In episode 1, footballer David James and one of Dave's comedians were the first victims, and holy shit that Tekken fight was intense.

But there is a problem! While it's entertaining to watch, I can't help but grind my teeth when they're playing games like Sonic, forcing the nostalgia, or coming up with gimmicky things to make the show more interesting. Anyway, this is turning into a rant, it's a good show, poorly executed, with a weird stage rotation thing that gets old real fast, but I'll let you make up your own mind Wink

Here's the entirely legitimate link to Channel Dave's site for it (No Vodlocker this time!) -

All the best!


Guardian of Chaos
Red Dwarf - Season 11 - Episode 1 - Twentica

Available now to view on UKTV


Guardian of Chaos
They prompt a sign-in when I try to watch stuff. Bastards.

Do no harm (but take no shit)

Spayce Guest Pass

Sorry to resurrect an old thread (or am I? Wink), but iirc the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis was a 16-bit machine, not 8-bit. So, looks like someone on that prog didn't do their research.
(Though I think the Master System I/II might have been 8-bit. The versions of Sonic were very different, though - with good reason!)


Guardian of Chaos
I loved my old Mega Drive, such nostalgia! Wink But yeah, it was deffo 16-Bit. A better name for the show might have been "Dara 'OBrien's The Nostalgia!" It's good to see all the old games from days gone by, but also kinda annoying - Like the show can't decide whether it's about games, or the guest celebrities and hits an awkward compromise. Still, nice to see some video game shows on TV these days, hasn't been the same since we lost Games Master Wink

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