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1 Highscore! on Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:14 am


So, wanting to do a new series where we face off in score related games in direct competition. the winner will be the person who has the highest score after 3 attempts. would have to be an odd number of games so either 5/7 would be good. each competitor pick games they are good at/prefer and then there is a mutual game as the final choice.
ideas for these games are
Minecraft mini games
Geometry wars
Game Dev Tycoon (count money as score)
the chaos engine (wouldnt be 3 rounds, just playing till game over)
the typing of the dead

but if anyone can think of anymore games please add here as i'd love to get this series underway

P.S- with challenges there should be a prize for the winner. i suggest they name a game they want to see the loser make a video in (yes, especially if they hate that game) because who doesnt love people suffering for video entertainment!

2 Re: Highscore! on Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:41 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Hmm, Tiberian sun skirmish?
The skirmishes/matches would be set up following some specific guidelines.

And I second FTL.
I would suggest Heroes of Might and Magic III (again, random map following specific guidelines), but that's more of a long game territory...

Do no harm (but take no shit)

3 Re: Highscore! on Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:08 pm


i forgot command and conquer operated with a score system! Thanks haha
ive never played ftl so would defo be a head start to others
Long game would require some serious cutting and editing (lord knows im terrible at such things haha) but always an option Very Happy

4 Re: Highscore! on Fri Oct 09, 2015 12:23 am


Guardian of Chaos
I fully support this idea and will do anything I can to help. Just a quick glance through my Steam list, I have unearthed a couple more potential titles -

Raptor: Call of the Shadows - 2015 Edition
Stranded Deep/The Forest/The Long Dark(?) (Survival times?)
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
Rollercoaster Tycoon (Long-Play, similar to Tiberian Sun, but with 'Most Profitable Park' or the like)
Plague Inc: Evolved
Freedom Planet/Sonic (1/2/3/& Knuckles, Generations, etc) (Time trial?)
Space Run
Rogue Shooter: The FPS Roguelike
Dungeon of the Endless/Sword of the Stars: The Pit (How far can you get?)
L.A. Noire (This one is odd, but could compare case scores?)
Dungeon Defenders (Do a level solo, whoever has the most gems at the end, wins)

I'd also like to make a note here about a potential Magic the Gathering tournament but this requires much more organizing. Hope this list helps the discussion Wink

5 Re: Highscore! on Sat Oct 10, 2015 1:47 pm


a) awesome ideas sir Very Happy
B) i will not be joining the magic tournament (no idea how it works)
C) i need an opponent for this!

so at some point we need to make a little intro video to this/ play something 2 of us are in to make it easier to explain rules etc to viewers

6 Re: Highscore! on Sat Oct 10, 2015 4:41 pm


Guardian of Chaos
If we wanna put on a little 'show' with this, we'd need a game in which we all have avatars; Minecraft, Space Engineers, Killing Floor, etc. Then we could fade in to one of us playing the game, bump into someone else and be all like "What are you doing here?" Then they reply with the idea of 'Highscore', and someone else will turn up and be like "Sounds like a good idea, count me in."

An advance on this could be, one of us saying "That means we're gonna need a logo..." And then out of nowhere, the logo smashes into the screen and with some fancy editing, I can get it to 'crack' the glass for added effect Wink

This is just my crazy suggestion, I'm willing to go with whatever anyone else suggests though!

7 Re: Highscore! on Sat Oct 10, 2015 5:51 pm


Guardian of Chaos
That's very fancy of course, but i'd suggest investing that effort into setting up the game system itself first. Youknow, try out what works and what doesn't, how time-intensive a "highscore" session/series might be, that sort of things. And once we've tried some of this out and found a formula that's actually working, *then* add the show elements to this.
Especially if this attracts some other participants (who knows!), it would be good if we'd got the basic conduct figured out amongst ourselves (because my experience shows, if you put people in a competitive situation, and you're not completely-totally sure what you're expecting from them, it'll be five minutes and someone comes yelling that something is unfair or unbalanced or whatnot).
Meanwhile we could just fire up a killing floor session as usual, and test out that competitive angle in afamiliar environment. (And if some "showy" footage naturally emerges in the process, keep it and unleash it when the time comes.)

Then again, a lot depends on how "official" of "just for lulz" it's meant to be, i really have no clue Very Happy
Ooh, this leads me to a hybrid idea: one player posts their scorekeeping vid as a challenge (describing the conditions too - what mode, what difficulty, and so on), then others are welcome to try and beat that challenge. I'd guess that videos of valiant efforts can be just as interesting as videos of a succefful challenge run.
Oh, oh, and expanding this hybrid idea to a little different area, the "I did this, and i challenge you to repeat it" type of vids could eventually cover different kind of challenges, not just score-based. Like our own unofficial achievement bundle or something ("Chaos Achiements", lol).

Do no harm (but take no shit)

8 Re: Highscore! on Mon Oct 12, 2015 1:59 am


Guardian of Chaos
HighScore Chat -

[11/10/2015 23:59:46] *** Knux Veeone added laura loolaid, matthegeek666 ***
[11/10/2015 23:59:50] Knux Veeone: Greetings
[11/10/2015 23:59:58] laura loolaid: hallo
[00:00:03] matthegeek666: harrooo
[00:00:25] Knux Veeone: What's good people?
[00:00:26] matthegeek666: how art we all
[00:00:43] Knux Veeone: Good man =D Just watching Scrapheap Challenge Wink
[00:00:52] laura loolaid: good question
[00:00:53] matthegeek666: getting ideas aren't you lol
[00:01:15] Knux Veeone: Trying to get into the creative flow again.
[00:01:15] laura loolaid: haha
[00:01:31] matthegeek666: robot wars helps for that shengagigans lol
[00:01:35] Knux Veeone: I also just took my second desk apart.
[00:01:44] matthegeek666: why do such things?
[00:01:46] Knux Veeone: Haha I watched lots of Robot wars in Estonia Wink
[00:01:53] laura loolaid: ha yeah
[00:01:59] Knux Veeone: Started with Battlebots, moved on to the classic.
[00:02:18] matthegeek666: haha, gotta love the classics
[00:02:23] Knux Veeone: I really wish I'd shared Scrapheap with you too, that show is just too good.
[00:02:29] Knux Veeone: Hosted by Kryten Wink
[00:02:46] laura loolaid: well, there only was so much internetz to spare
[00:02:54] Knux Veeone: haha this is true =P
[00:03:03] Knux Veeone: Although coulda replaced some Robot wars with Scrapheap
[00:03:07] matthegeek666: I enjoyed takeshis castles
[00:03:18] Knux Veeone: It's a good show, they give you some education with the builds too.
[00:03:21] Knux Veeone: Never seen it
[00:03:54] matthegeek666: :O how have you not takeshis castle is amazing! has craig Charles voicing it
[00:04:01] Knux Veeone: Haha excellent
[00:04:18] matthegeek666: and japenese people getting hurt
[00:04:22] Knux Veeone: LMAO
[00:04:39] laura loolaid: is it one of those gauntlet shows?
[00:04:46] matthegeek666: yes! Very Happy
[00:05:14] matthegeek666:
[00:06:15] Knux Veeone: Mate, this shit looks painful
[00:06:25] matthegeek666: it is lol
[00:06:45] laura loolaid: lol, that boulder
[00:07:50] matthegeek666: I would love to have done this haha
[00:08:27] Knux Veeone: You Vs The Japanese
[00:10:33] Knux Veeone: So, what's the deal peeps?
[00:10:46] matthegeek666: slight difference ehh haha
[00:11:15] matthegeek666: well I was thinking, maybetime to bash out the details of highscore haha (also, I hate lore for taking the idea and making it inifitley better ) :p
[00:11:26] laura loolaid: lol
[00:11:29] Knux Veeone: Haha she does that a lot Wink
[00:11:34] laura loolaid: eez wat i doo
[00:11:43] Knux Veeone: =D
[00:12:02] matthegeek666: eez mean haha Razz
[00:12:15] laura loolaid: one doesn't exclude the other, really
[00:13:35] Knux Veeone: I think we've got some experience from GamerTag and the Highscore competition me and Peacemaker did for the Podcast ages ago, but thrashing out the 'rules' would be best, then run a test.
[00:14:28] laura loolaid: mhmm, do some "prototype runs" with a bunch of people to iron out the workings, and to establish a thing that is going
[00:15:15] matthegeek666: would be best to see if theres game we could play about in and see how it would work and what would work better
[00:15:34] Knux Veeone: I think Geom wars would be a perfect test game.
[00:15:44] matthegeek666: sounds good to me Very Happy
[00:16:07] Knux Veeone: It's simple, short gameplay time, easy to record, and the highscore is very obvious.
[00:16:19] laura loolaid: i'm looking it up
[00:16:26] Knux Veeone: Its in my Steam Library Wink
[00:16:26] matthegeek666: yea, it does make sense, and I don't think anyone is too involved in it
[00:16:37] matthegeek666: i just downloaded it haha/ installed
[00:17:07] Knux Veeone: 62MB
[00:17:14] matthegeek666: big game Wink
[00:17:17] laura loolaid: oh, groovy
[00:17:20] Knux Veeone: Haha yeah
[00:18:04] Knux Veeone: My controller is in the van X_X
[00:18:16] matthegeek666: original spelunky for free
[00:18:22] Knux Veeone: Wheeee!
[00:18:25] matthegeek666: incase that takes anyones fancy
[00:18:37] matthegeek666: (not the fancy xbox remake for free)
[00:19:26] Knux Veeone: I'm watching an episode of Scrapheap where one of the teams is called the Abomidable snowmen, and I'm sure the logo on the side of their van is the robot from SkiFree
[00:19:37] matthegeek666: copyright!!
[00:19:41] Knux Veeone: Haha yeah
[00:19:49] matthegeek666: sue the bastards
[00:20:31] Knux Veeone: The American team have got McDonalds logos on their front bumpers Wink
[00:20:51] matthegeek666: typical lol
[00:23:06] Knux Veeone: So, sounds like Geom wars is a good test. Now, rules!
[00:23:48] matthegeek666: so, theres either together or 1 after the other
[00:24:02] matthegeek666: i ned to sit up, still lyinmg down lol
[00:24:06] matthegeek666: cant write
[00:24:35] Knux Veeone: It'd be better for myself and Lore at least if they were one after the other as some games will be in the shared 'Family' thing on Steam
[00:24:46] Knux Veeone: We can't play the same game from the same library at the same time.
[00:25:28] matthegeek666: that's fair enough, it makes sense, might be worth me sharing mine with some as i have several hundred games xD
[00:25:53] laura loolaid: actually, i can't play anything from your library while you're using it
[00:25:56] Knux Veeone: We have to be careful with it though, I don't want Steam giving us any shit for this.
[00:26:04] Knux Veeone: Oh really?
[00:26:08] laura loolaid: yep
[00:26:11] Knux Veeone: Can I be logged in?
[00:26:17] laura loolaid: dunno, try
[00:26:25] Knux Veeone: I'm logged in now, just offline mode.
[00:26:30] matthegeek666: sneaky!
[00:26:40] laura loolaid: but try being online
[00:26:41] matthegeek666: offline mode doesn't count as online though
[00:26:59] Knux Veeone: In
[00:27:16] matthegeek666: seems to be fine
[00:27:22] Knux Veeone: Yeah, looks good =D
[00:27:24] matthegeek666: try to play something at same time?
[00:27:41] Knux Veeone: I know the same game won't work for a fact
[00:27:41] laura loolaid: that we've tried already
[00:27:56] laura loolaid: and i know any game won't work for a fact
[00:28:04] matthegeek666: ahh ok, no worries then
[00:28:32] laura loolaid: i was trying to launch singularity when you were playing something from steam, and it gave me the message that you are "using the library"
[00:29:04] Knux Veeone: You need to let me know when you wanna record, that takes priority over whatever I'm doing these days.
[00:29:05] laura loolaid: retro evolved or the other one?
[00:29:12] Knux Veeone: Retro evolved.
[00:29:27] laura loolaid: that's so cheap it'll be easier jut to get itmyself anyway
[00:29:31] matthegeek666: I'm good to go pretty much whenever these days haha
[00:30:07] laura loolaid: well, i just signed up with a new project, so i'll be quite busy in weekdays
[00:30:24] laura loolaid: andyway, how do you imagine the recording process for this?
[00:30:29] matthegeek666: so, rules so far
achieve highscore
played 1 after the other
best of 3? or top in 3?
[00:30:36] Knux Veeone: Well I can livestream/record Banished instead of going into my Steam library, I can also remove LAN cable and go full offline in Steam and just use the games I've installed.
[00:31:05] matthegeek666: recording will be the....'fun' part? Razz
[00:31:16] matthegeek666: might have to use ts for voice
[00:31:24] laura loolaid: each records their solo play and renders according to set format?
[00:31:52] matthegeek666: my rendering always takes hours to do, its so slow lol
[00:32:31] laura loolaid: because if the challenge means going for score specifically, the multiplay might not be the best format to do that, at least not with all games
[00:32:45] laura loolaid: like, imagine if it was Minesweeper score challenge
[00:33:17] laura loolaid: the one fixed idea now is to play, get scores, and compare scores
[00:33:24] matthegeek666: i was thinking each does their own and uploads it, with a link to the others videos then i might take all versions, edit them together and upload to chaos nova channel
[00:33:41] Knux Veeone: I like the sound of this
[00:33:57] laura loolaid: mhmh
[00:34:27] matthegeek666: then we do a separate video being all like "ohh, mtg won this round, so the next person to pick is anyone but mtg," then someone else picks one
[00:34:44] matthegeek666: and it gives the advantage to someone else
[00:35:35] matthegeek666: and it would be like the first to 5 wins or best of 7 games is the winner, and losers have to have a punishment etc
[00:36:41] laura loolaid: mhmh, this sounds more realistic than group gommenting over gameplay. At the same time (OOOOH...) what we could add to the "analyzing results" stage is to play the vids back to back and record a group discussion of them at the same time
[00:36:41] matthegeek666: hint, i already know knux's punishment Wink
[00:37:18] Knux Veeone: It's more trouble than it's worth Wink
[00:37:22] laura loolaid: lol
[00:37:45] Knux Veeone: I think we've got a good solid foundation here, I especially like the post commentary deal
[00:37:46] matthegeek666: so... record all the gameplay, have someone put them together, so we watch it all together at the same time and commentate on it.... i like it
[00:39:07] laura loolaid: yea, like a sports event - everyone can have a little to say about their effort while the footage plays in the background. won't even have to "watch it at the same time" come to think of it, just discuss it together afterwards and combine with footage clips
[00:39:10] Knux Veeone: We could still upload our individual sides to our channels too.
[00:39:18] laura loolaid: won't even have to be full length recordings
[00:39:42] laura loolaid: well, yea, the individual uploads is kinda where it gets started
[00:39:51] laura loolaid: the rest is just extra layer
[00:39:53] laura loolaid: (duh)
[00:39:56] Knux Veeone: Hahaha
[00:40:41] matthegeek666: might be best to have them put together before going on individual channels, that way its suspsense who won
[00:40:43] laura loolaid: like, each records and uploads, done. And then [in addition] perhaps a get-together to discuss the process and such
[00:40:49] laura loolaid: ah
[00:41:40] matthegeek666: if we could get obs to record decent it would make this so much easier xD
[00:44:44] Knux Veeone: Player decides game, two people play it individually and record it, they then upload it to their channels and send the files to a shared location so someone can merge a round by round long version for the Chaos Nova channel. This should give the Chaos Nova squad enough time to discuss it, and create the shorter 'discussion' recordings for the Chaos Nova channel as well.
[00:45:52] laura loolaid: instead of shared locations we could just use "unlisted" feature and send links?
[00:46:13] laura loolaid: realistically speaking, who would be the "squad" to do the discussing? us three?
[00:46:37] Knux Veeone: Well us, potentially Peacemaker, Trev etc
[00:46:41] laura loolaid: mhmh
[00:48:07] matthegeek666: would depend on the people involved i say
[00:48:26] laura loolaid: another option would be to do it realtime - stream in turns on the CN twitch channel (order of "contestanst" could be random). In this case each has a set time or set number of runs to do their score attempt, and say, three best scores count
[00:49:15] Knux Veeone: Swapping feeds like that, I imagine, would cause problems.
[00:49:19] laura loolaid: yeah
[00:49:26] laura loolaid: btw, i have a stupid question
[00:49:40] Knux Veeone: If Twitch worked properly, it's a good idea.
[00:50:01] laura loolaid: why would the individual runs (and individual uploads) have to be kept a secret in the first place?
[00:50:09] Knux Veeone: They don't
[00:50:35] Knux Veeone: I did wonder why you mentioned using the unlisted option.
[00:50:36] laura loolaid: i mean, the "who wins" isn't some huge dramatic reveal here, it's more about recording the attempt
[00:50:41] Knux Veeone: Mhmm
[00:51:00] matthegeek666: the reveal for the audience is what i was going for
[00:51:02] laura loolaid: because you said before that we couldn't show the individual things before the combined one
[00:51:07] laura loolaid: o
[00:51:08] Knux Veeone: Wouldn't know who's won anyway on individual runs
[00:51:10] laura loolaid: *Oh
[00:51:18] matthegeek666: wait... i dunno, I'm getting muddled haha
[00:51:35] Knux Veeone: Well you would, but you'd have to watch them both and remember the total highscores from both
[00:52:11] laura loolaid: thing is, there are already so many little factors in this endeavour to be kept an eye on, keeping seekrets and all that would just add unnecessary complexity
[00:52:47] laura loolaid: the easier way would be to have the individual runs on individual channels, and then a group-based summary later on
[00:53:03] Knux Veeone: I think I missed something here, I wasn't under the impression we were gonna keep the individual videos secret, but like I say, might have missed something.
[00:53:59] matthegeek666: it was my bad, i mentioned it haha, tired, was going downa road that made no sense
[00:54:00] laura loolaid: the summary would have the links to the individual runs, play some clips from those, discuss how it went, "officially" declare the winner, and the next challenge - something like that
[00:54:14] laura loolaid: lol
[00:54:19] Knux Veeone: I think that makes most sense
[00:56:08] laura loolaid: besides, if we do some testruns just to see how this system comes together and what we can manage, that still leaves room for poking and tweaking the rules
[00:57:15] matthegeek666: i was just testing to see if i could get decent obs recording to see if we could get files that could be sent/uploaded quickly to make it easier and to be used in testing
[00:58:00] matthegeek666: because fraps files are a monster to send
[00:58:13] Knux Veeone: After rendering, they shrink
[00:58:44] matthegeek666: yea i know, i was seeing if i could work up a little test was all haha
[00:58:52] Knux Veeone: Go for it dude =D
[00:59:12] laura loolaid: onnnwaard
[00:59:13] matthegeek666: i cant get obs to record decent quality, so i don't think it would work
[00:59:35] Knux Veeone: I think we should go for quality if we can for this.
[00:59:57] matthegeek666: you use it don't you sir? does it do quality for you?
[01:00:28] Knux Veeone: Nah, not really, I have to livestream with low quality and framerate though to ensure less lag on my streams
[01:00:45] matthegeek666: ahh ok, i getcha... yea, obs no good then haha
[01:01:39] laura loolaid: i think you can set it up with higher values
[01:02:11] laura loolaid: and see if it lets to change the format, i think MP4 compresses shit too much
[01:02:28] matthegeek666: its mp4 or audio i think?
[01:02:40] laura loolaid: mp3 is audio, mp4 is video
[01:02:52] Knux Veeone: I've found Fraps rendered into MPEG to be the best for quality and size in my experience. Also, brb Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!
[01:02:56] laura loolaid: oh, nevermind Very Happy
[01:03:07] laura loolaid: dang, now i want cake
[01:03:14] matthegeek666: i meant the 2 options are mp4 or something that is audio files lol
[01:03:26] laura loolaid: mhmh, i got that with a delay
[01:03:39] matthegeek666: haha it is late
[01:05:00] laura loolaid: like, dammit, brain Very Happy
[01:05:02] Knux Veeone: Cherry Bakewell for your faces!
[01:05:24] matthegeek666: haha curse the brain!
[01:05:29] matthegeek666: cherry bakewell, pffft!
[01:05:32] laura loolaid: but i wants cake...
[01:05:51] matthegeek666: do your videos always take hour(s) to render?
[01:06:00] Knux Veeone: It depends on the length
[01:06:11] Knux Veeone: You haven't got me in Essy anymore splurging on junk food Wink
[01:06:24] matthegeek666:
[01:06:30] matthegeek666: this was my test with obs
[01:06:31] Knux Veeone: "What's this?" "Chicken Crisps." "IN THE BASKET!"
[01:06:47] matthegeek666: 20 minute videos take me about 2 hours to render lol
[01:06:47] Knux Veeone: They were fucking good by the way Wink
[01:07:04] matthegeek666: safe to say, obs does not work lol
[01:07:12] Knux Veeone: Holy shit at those framerate drops
[01:07:25] laura loolaid: hm, that sounds longer than it should
[01:07:39] matthegeek666: game played fine, just how it recorded lol
[01:07:41] Knux Veeone: - Old Fraps version
[01:08:27] laura loolaid: i've got like 30 minute episodes of singularity going under 1 hour (but that's with specific settings)
[01:08:30] Knux Veeone: Holy shit, Teknoaxe
[01:08:47] matthegeek666: remember when you used to like him haha
[01:08:54] matthegeek666: wow, what settings are those!
[01:08:57] Knux Veeone: OH, Talk to DR, he can tell you how to put rendering on priority
[01:09:05] Knux Veeone: I think I still like TA Wink
[01:09:10] matthegeek666: it is on priority haha
[01:09:26] matthegeek666: it uses up 98% of all my pc life when rendering
[01:09:34] Knux Veeone: I mean setting your processor to... oh
[01:09:37] Knux Veeone: Errr.
[01:09:43] matthegeek666: yea lol
[01:09:46] matthegeek666: Very Happy
[01:10:09] Knux Veeone: Again. Errr....
[01:10:50] matthegeek666: I'm the tech guy, remember Razz
[01:10:52] Knux Veeone: What software you using?
[01:11:08] matthegeek666: vegas movie studio maker blah blah lol
[01:11:22] Knux Veeone: Hmm, I use the same thing, get quite good render rates
[01:11:32] laura loolaid: ah, i'm just using movie maker
[01:11:42] laura loolaid: dunno if that makes a difference
[01:11:56] matthegeek666: what render settings do you both use?
[01:12:07] Knux Veeone: I'd estimate Movie Maker and Vegas to be roughly the same in terms of speed, I need Vegas for all the effects and extra stuff though.
[01:12:09] laura loolaid: a sec, let me look em up
[01:12:31] matthegeek666: movie maker i couldn't understand xD
[01:12:59] Knux Veeone: I don't think my settings will be any good because the ones that matter are based on my processor
[01:13:43] Knux Veeone: Ah, can you turn on GPU acceleration of Video Processing?
[01:14:15] matthegeek666: i mean like the "save as type" and "template" mines windows media video v11(*.mwv)
and 4.8 mbps HD 720-24p video
[01:15:01] matthegeek666: yes, i understand gpu acceleration! Sad
[01:15:07] matthegeek666: i lie, i don't haha
[01:15:11] laura loolaid: meanwhile, my render settings (one template): 1280X720 pixels, bitrate 4600 kbps, framerate 29,97 fps; audio 128 kbps 48 kHz stereo
[01:15:47] laura loolaid: ah, the otherone is about the same, just with slightly thinner bit rate
[01:15:57] Knux Veeone: 6 Mbps - HD 720-30p
[01:16:59] matthegeek666: same one as me knux..... thinner bit rate is better or worse lore?
[01:17:20] laura loolaid: smaller bitrate, lower quality
[01:17:54] laura loolaid: but both my main templates have bitrate in the 4000-s range
[01:17:55] matthegeek666: ahh i see... thanks haha
[01:18:42] laura loolaid: i know i read that stuff up from somewhere and kept the recommendations in mind, but now i can't remember the sources
[01:18:55] matthegeek666: not to worry, ive sidetracked us haha
[01:19:07] matthegeek666: ill sort it out with youtube haha
[01:19:17] matthegeek666: and playing about
[01:19:47] laura loolaid: ah yes, i think youtube actually has some recommended settings writen down somewhere too
[01:20:04] laura loolaid: oh, and i save them as WMV
[01:20:17] matthegeek666: yea, wmv same here
[01:20:26] matthegeek666: ohh yea, i forget youtube helps lol
[01:20:34] matthegeek666: i meant the site, not just videos
[01:22:29] matthegeek666: 30 min video, estimates at 2+ hours
[01:22:46] Knux Veeone: I don't think that's right, although it could just be your hardware =/
[01:22:58] matthegeek666: ohh, also, a fun game you may all enjoy on steam, currently on sale is called depth
[01:23:12] laura loolaid: ooh
[01:23:13] matthegeek666: probably is lol, if if it, i wouldn't know it
[01:24:10] laura loolaid: doodads under water!
[01:24:19] matthegeek666: yes! big scary doodads!
[01:26:24] matthegeek666: think i sorted me rendering details now yay.. but yea, ive p[layed a bit of depth lately and its certainly a fun game
[01:26:34] matthegeek666: if you aren't scared of sharks and water
[01:26:37] Knux Veeone: Oh yeah, if you running AVG uninstall that shit, they gonna start selling details of their free user base to prop up the free side of things
[01:27:06] matthegeek666: avg? antivirus stuff? its ok, my pc doesn't have anti virus software xD
[01:27:29] Knux Veeone: I wouldn't mind, but the only guarentee I got was "We will try to anonymise your data." Try? No, you're just not getting my data.
[01:27:39] laura loolaid: lol
[01:27:53] matthegeek666: try means they already sold it lol
[01:28:12] laura loolaid: basterds
[01:28:31] Knux Veeone: You wouldn't take something serious like a bomb for example, and say something to the effect of "I will TRY to defuse this bomb." I might be exagerating here but data is serious bizness these days yo
[01:29:10] matthegeek666: yea, companies don't really care and as soon as they get your email its sold anyways
[01:29:39] matthegeek666: its why i get so much spam emails lol
[01:30:11] Knux Veeone: Fuck 'em, Windows Defender is good enough and it's already installed on the system so I save myself some space Wink
[01:31:12] matthegeek666: Microsoft security essentials ftw Very Happy
[01:34:48] matthegeek666: so... highscore. upload to each channel, someone splice together and then group commentary on such things for main channel
[01:35:00] Knux Veeone: Mhmm I think that's the gist of it
[01:35:05] laura loolaid: yep
[01:35:16] matthegeek666: cool... fancy doing a test run of it tomorrow?
[01:35:25] Knux Veeone: Sounds good, should be set up by then =D
[01:36:04] laura loolaid: i know that i'm gonna have to focus on some copywriting tomorrow, but i think i can slip in some time
[01:36:36] matthegeek666: that's fine lore Smile any time that's decent for you in particular?
[01:36:47] laura loolaid: late evening?
[01:37:04] matthegeek666: cool sounds good to me
[01:38:03] matthegeek666: knux, if you get a chance tomorrow, could you upload like a 5 minute video of some geom wars gameplay (unlisted for now) give me the link and let me see what i can do?
[01:38:15] Knux Veeone: Sure
[01:38:51] matthegeek666: awesome sauce, doesn't need to be long, just a few minutes, so i can show an idea to you both in the evening Very Happy
[01:39:00] laura loolaid: ooh
[01:39:09] Knux Veeone: I'll get it done sir! =D
[01:42:16] matthegeek666: huzzah
[01:43:33] matthegeek666: I'm rendering my little section now haha
[01:44:21] Knux Veeone: I was gonna move my desk tonight so I'm all disconnected for now, no mic or headphones and my controller in the van, so can't do it tonight.
[01:44:37] laura loolaid: organizing!
[01:44:39] matthegeek666: na na i get that, that's why i said tomorrow sir haha
[01:44:49] Knux Veeone: Mhmm
[01:45:08] laura loolaid: i'll see if i can do a little clip during the day
[01:45:30] laura loolaid: for test
[01:45:50] matthegeek666: awesome sauce Very Happy if you do make sure to send me the link to it Very Happy
[01:45:57] laura loolaid: yup
[01:46:19] matthegeek666: literally mine is 2mins 40 seconds or so, that's all i'd need
[01:58:36] matthegeek666: i need toast
[01:58:47] Knux Veeone: Haha Onwaaard!

9 Re: Highscore! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:18 pm


If you wish to be a part of this i'd appreciate a video link / googledrive download link of 3 attempts in geometry wars retro evolved by the end of the weekend so i can try to sort something out for next week to be released Smile if you can put the original file up for me to use (no commentary) it would be appreciated, but if not it can be worked around in any case Smile

hope to hear from ya'll soon!


10 Re: Highscore! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:23 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Well, i'm in. Expect my links tomorrow...ish. I mean, i know i'll have some playtime tomorrow.

Do no harm (but take no shit)

11 Re: Highscore! on Fri Oct 16, 2015 6:28 pm


huzzah thank you Lore Very Happy

12 Re: Highscore! on Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:08 am


Guardian of Chaos
My videos are just uploading to drive now, should be ready by the morning =D

13 Re: Highscore! on Mon Oct 19, 2015 11:10 am


ok, keeo me posted

14 Re: Highscore! on Thu Oct 22, 2015 4:53 pm


video is rendering now, Lore, if you pick the next game for us to play and if you want to put any restrictions on it feel free to (aka, mouse only etc)

15 Re: Highscore! on Thu Oct 22, 2015 6:53 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Ooh, awesome! I'll try to do the thinking tomorrow... tonught my brain is all soft from working.

Do no harm (but take no shit)

16 Re: Highscore! on Thu Oct 22, 2015 7:40 pm



17 Re: Highscore! on Fri Oct 23, 2015 1:11 pm


Guardian of Chaos
AAAAAAAnd the next game to serve as test subject *ahem* to bring glory to our highscore attempts is:
Dungeon Keeper (gold edition)!

I've shared my installer in the shared highscore folder to make sure we've all got the same verision.

Do no harm (but take no shit)

18 Re: Highscore! on Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:50 am


Guardian of Chaos
Oooh this should be fun =D Good choice!! I'll be about on Monday if you guys wanna commentate over the last one. Seeya soon!

19 Re: Highscore! on Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:18 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Okay, i've been doing a little homework on dungeoning and minionating and roomkeeping. First off, Dungeon Keeper handily provides you with scre table after each map. Secondly, you're advancing through a "ladder" of maps, starting from more basic and unlocking more elements and more complex challenges on the way. The playtime per map increases as well. This gives me the idea that we should do the highscore recording from a map in the middle - this way there will be enough elements to juggle (and a bit of practice), but the playtime won't be too long.

Oh, and the score table invovles several variables, so even if we score in similar range, there's still room to discuss who got the best style points and who got the most gold, and who got the most chicken, and so on Very Happy

Yep, 3rd mission is about optimal for this (just tried the 4th one, where you actually attack another dungeon and that one is clearly taking too long).

Do no harm (but take no shit)

20 Re: Highscore! on Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:57 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Okay, i'm uploading my Dungeon Keeper run to the shared Drive folder now. It's not the best case in terms of recording, but doable. I managed to get it recorded with OBS, and had to crop the footage (used Format Factory), because while the game displays in fullscreen when played, in the recorded game area ends up reduced to its old-times-size.
So the quality of my clip is not exactly top notch; i can try to process it with different settings if necessary.

Do no harm (but take no shit)

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