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A message from Knux

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1 A message from Knux on Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:53 am


Guardian of Chaos
Hello everyone, I hope you're all doing well.
This message is probably going to sound a little out of context so let me explain. A few months ago I felt as though the forum had hit another one of its low periods, I'm sure some of you are aware this happens from time to time, I like to blame it on people doing other projects such as maintaining homes, school or just life in general but it has come to my attention that the real reason is me. I've tried to run this forum for a ridiculously long time now, back in the very beginning it was just myself and kieyo, then we moved and for a long time it was just myself, Roo and Cluster. Since then, we've integrated the chaos nova gaming squad into this space as well and attracted some new authors, editors and built an awesome core team out of extremely talented people. You all deserve more praise and thanks and frankly, effort than I'm currently putting in. Or have been putting in for about half a year now.

I'm not going to make excuses, yes I've been building buses and traveling, and sometimes my own life gets in the way but the only thing that has always been there, and is always accessible, is this forum. I have no excuses. When you all signed up here, you decided it was worth your time and effort, you made the conscious decision to join this chunk of crazy on the internet and I made countless promises to do right by you and make sure we stayed active. I haven't kept those promises, instead I've done the very bare minimum to keep it going with barely a post here and there and the odd logo change. For that, I want to say I'm sorry. When we started this forum originally, it was to escape from mods and operators who we felt weren't doing enough for the people who relied on them, but I've just fallen into the same situation as them, thinking to myself ill just post later or ill just let you guys post it out among yourselves, but it doesnt work like that. This place requires more attention than I'm giving it, and you guys deserve better.

Chaos Nova has grown over the past few years from a simple rpg posting site for friends into something more like a business. We have two books out now, another in the editing stages and several more being written, we have an amazing core team of people who really do put the effort in, we have a website and during our time we have raised a substantial amount of money for charity thanks to the excellent gaming team. I find it difficult to keep up with it all, you should all be incredibly proud of yourselves and what you've achieved.

You never stopped, but I did. It can be stressful putting this stuff together, but that shouldn't be stopping me from putting the effort into this forum that it deserves. To this end, I will not be hosting quake a thon next year, it simply drains too much of my energy and we can support good causes through other means. I will also put time aside at least three times a week to focus purely on the forum. Whether that be posting for the characters, taking notes on how I can improve the forum to better serve you all or just making sure I reply to comments and posts in the other topics. It is time for me to grow up, 27 years old and I'm still treating this like some big game, but it isn't, not anymore, people are putting in serious effort to make chaos nova something to be proud of and the least I can do is make sure that effort isn't being wasted.

So there you have it, a promise in writing this time, an agreement I will honour. No more excuses, no more complaints. The forum is the priority.

To those of you who have been there since the beginning, thank you for keeping the faith. Without you, chaos nova would have just been forgotten to the internet years ago.
To those of you more recent, thank you for giving us a chance and for helping me to understand what it is I need to do.
To all of you, I'm sorry, I'm back now, and I'm not going anywhere again.

Your newly enlightened host,

2 Re: A message from Knux on Sat Sep 19, 2015 8:56 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Hey guys, just wanted to update you to the situation, I'm on my way home and will be arriving in just over a week if all goes to plan. Until then, ill be relying on camp site WiFi to check on the forum. Shouldn't be a problem but thought I'd let y'all know!! Smile All the best!

3 Re: A message from Knux on Mon Sep 21, 2015 4:19 pm


Guardian of Chaos
Very wise and humbling words Knux. If anything, life does have a funny way of taking everyone away. I should have something about Haven's Beacon up before the wedding this weekend (not mine) and we can roll that. I don't want to go Solo, but I may have to because of the stuff you have to do to get my ship back in order. I'll be on the ground with Elizabeth, but I do want you there to help along. All the best and drive safe!

4 Re: A message from Knux on Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:20 pm

KT McDermott

I'm still around, too. You taking a break this summer has allowed the rest of us to do the same and get caught up on other things. (Not that I'll ever be caught up on anything.)
You know me and how uniquely 'interesting' my life stays.
The next few months are going to be hectic here as I try to finish up some projects during the cooler weather and hopefully start making some of our business prospects start paying for themselves around here.
No matter what, you have my respect and friendship, and while I may not post (or even keep up like I should), I check in, and try to add my thoughts and ideas to the pool. One of these days (hopefully soon! Smile ) I'll be able to help with funding.

I'll be around.

5 Re: A message from Knux on Tue Oct 27, 2015 7:15 pm

KT McDermott

Also, at least to start, Knux is the group leader setting up whatever is going to happen. You may not know each other, but you are meeting at his request.
Pretty much like things actually are.
It'll pretty much be ya'll against me, but we'll see how it goes, there are always NPCs to use and manipulate!

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